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Co2's and Airsoft India

Crossman Vigilante Co2 Revolver

Crossman Vigilante Co2 Revolver

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Caliber .177 (4.5mm)

Max Velocity 465 fps

Stock Synthetic

Grip Ambi

Color Black

Ten-shot pellet repeater, 6-rd BB repeater, real revolver mechanism, single- or double-action: This gun looks like the Colt Python and shoots as fast as you can pull the trigger. Powered by a CO2 cartridge, the Crosman Vigilante has a 6" rifled steel barrel. The molded combat grips have finger grooves for added control. It's so realistic, your friends will have a hard time telling the difference between this and a firearm.

The rear sight is fully adjustable, but feel free to add a laser or flashlight on the Weaver accessory rail. This is a great gun for shooting tin cans, plinking, hitting spinners and more. It's an all-day shooter, so stock up on ammo and CO2!

Crosman Vigilante Revolver

Uses a 12-gram CO2 cartridge

10rd pellet magazine

6rd BB magazine

Single- or double-action

Fixed front sight

Fully adjustable rear sight

Dual Picatinny/Weaver accessory rails

Manual safety

Synthetic, textured grip with finger grooves

Weaver rail under barrel for laser or flashlight

To load the gun, break it open between the back of the barrel & the front of the cylinder. Instead of loading pellets directly into the wheel, you pop in a preloaded circular clip. Close it up and start shooting!

Steel BBs can ricochet. Everyone in the area should wear safety glasses. Remember to remove all pets from the shooting range. To minimize ricochet, do not shoot steel BBs at hard objects or water.

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