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Gamo P-430 Dual Pellet/BB Air Pistol

Gamo P-430 Dual Pellet/BB Air Pistol

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Caliber .177 (4.5mm)

Max Velocity 495 fps

Grip Ambi

Color Black

The Gamo P-430 CO2 Dual-Ammo Air Pistol offers a unique feature for an airgun in this category and at this price point: the ability to shoot both pellets and BBs without needing special adapter cartridges or a separate magazine. Capable of velocities up to 495 FPS with alloy pellets, it delivers the performance needed for plinking and target practice.

This airgun utilizes a trigger which works in either single-action mode by using the slide for cocking, or double-action mode to both cock and shoot, which helps to simulate semi-auto operation by allowing the user to shoot as fast as their reflexes allow. The magazine is double-sided and has a 16-round capacity, with a rotary clip on each end that holds 8 rounds.

The Gamo P-430 is powered by a single 12-gram CO2 cartridge that is accessed by removing the back of the grip, and it features tool-free cartridge switching because of the thumbscrew that tightens to pierce and hold the cartridge and loosens to release the cartridge. The grip has texturing on both the left and right side, as well as ridges on the front and rear for a comfortable and non-slip hold.

In order to provide accurate shots, this air pistol utilizes a fixed front post sight and a fixed rear notch sight, and the Weaver accessory rail under the muzzle allows for the attachment of items such as lights and lasers.

To get an affordable airgun with distinctive features that can be used with either pellets or BBs for accurate plinking and target practice, buy the Gamo P-430 CO2 Dual-Ammo Air Pistol today at Pyramyd Air.

Gamo P-430 CO2 Dual-Ammo Air Pistol

.177 caliber pellets or BBs


Double-sided 16-round magazine with 2 rotary clips (8 rounds per end)


Single/double action

Textured grip panels

Ridged front and rear grip

Max. velocity (alloy pellets): 495 FPS

Fixed front sight

Fixed rear sight

Under-muzzle Weaver accessory rail

Manual push-button safety

Ambidextrous magazine release button

Uses one 12-gram CO2 cartridge

Tool-free CO2 cartridge thumbscrew

Weight: .951 lbs.

1-year limited warranty

Gamo recommends only low dome or flat head pellets

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