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Webley MKVI Battlefield Finish Co2 Pellet Revolver

Webley MKVI Battlefield Finish Co2 Pellet Revolver

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.177 caliber(4.5mm Pellets)

Max Speed: 420fps

The Webley MKVI CO2 Pellet Revolver Civilian Model with Battlefield Finish is a short-barrel reproduction of the renowned original British armed forces service revolver with impressive authenticity. This Civilian Model utilizes a 2.5" barrel and collectible quality, and will provide shooters with hours of enjoyment for plinking or target shooting.

This airgun was built using the original blueprints and features the original 1915 markings stamped into the full-metal frame that helps to provide a near-identical feel to the actual firearm, as well as similar weight. The operation of this version is stunningly realistic, including loading pellet cartridges that look like the firearm cartridges, firing, cycling, and ejecting the cartridges in the same way as the historic firearm.

Further extending the similarities of the Webley MKVI 2.5" Barrel to the genuine powder-burning revolver are the single/double-action operation and the ability to field strip the airgun version in the same manner as the firearm model. The weathered Battlefield finish lends this airgun revolver an air of age and use which helps remind shooters of the antique nature of the original.

In order to yield additional accuracy, the airgun version uses a fixed front blade sight and rear notch sight, as does the firearm model. The textured grips help to ensure a firm hold, the texturing on the end of the hammer also helps prevent slippage, and this version includes a manual safety as well.

To get a realistic airgun replica of a successful and well-known military gun with a short-barrel variation, buy the Webley MKVI CO2 Pellet Revolver Civilian Model with Battlefield Finish today at Pyramyd Air.

Webley MKVI CO2 Pellet Revolver, 2.5" Barrel, Battlefield Finish

  • Uses .177 caliber pellets
  • Single/double-action
  • Full-metal construction
  • Distressed Battlefield finish
  • Built from original blueprints
  • Loads, cycles, fires, and ejects like the original
  • 6-round capacity
  • Uses realistic-looking pellet cartridges
  • Original 1915 markings
  • Field-strippable
  • Fixed front blade
  • Rear notch sight
  • Manual safety
  • Uses one 12-gram CO2 cartridge
  • Barrel length: 2.5"
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